Chef Larry Rieker
Chef Larry Rieker
"Brat & Chop" Sauce 
- #GB002
12.0 oz Bottle 
This unique sauce goes exceptionally well on bratwurst, pork chops, chicken breasts, or roasts. Try it on your French fries for a nice surprise. Also adds a special touch to the famous hamburger.

"Red Habanero" Hot Sauce 
- #GB003 
5.0 oz Bottle 
The red habanero has been said to be the hottest pepper in the world. This excellent sauce has been blended with carrots more for flavor than heat. If I can handle it, I'm sure you won't have any problem.

Rieker's Red Habanero Hot Sauce - Hottest Pepper In The World - Carrot Blend.
 8 Rieker's Gourmet Spice Blends Products - No MSG
Rieker's Brat & Chop Sauce
Rieker's I Hate Meatloaf Seasoning
Rieker's Prime Rib and Steak Rub
Rieker's Dakota Steak and Chop Rub
Rieker's Classic Grill Seasoning
Rieker's Fish and Seafood Sprinkle
Rieker's Hog and Hen Rub
Rieker's Magic Dust Season-All
Rieker's No Kisses Tonight Seasoning
Rieker's Spud Sensation Seasoning
Rieker's Top Secret BBQ Seasoning
Rieker's Wild Game Marinade
Rieker's Cagey Cajun Seasoning
Rieker's Sausage Supreme Gravy Mix
spices and seasoning
Rieker's special seasonings
Cagey Cajun, Cowboy Chili, Wild Game Marinade, Fiesta Grande
"Cagey Cajun" Seasoning 
- #GB022 
5.0 oz Bottle 
You have always wanted to know why people from the south are so happy! Take this "me oh my oh" blend and season up some chicken, pork, fish, shrimps (as they say down there), and you will start to understand that southern hospitality.

"Cowboy Chili" Seasoning" 
- #GB020
4.0 oz Bottle
This Seasoning is designed by blending a selected group of spices to create what I feel is the authentic Cowboy style Chili.  Not too Hot but with a little zing.  So Saddle-Up and Lets Ride into a Great Meal of Chili.  A little pan of Corn Bread on the side would make for quite a round-up.

"Fiesta Grande" Seasoning
- #GB015
4.0 oz Bottle 
"OLE"!! You just found the perfect Seasoning for alot of your favorite Mexican dishes; Tacos, Burritos, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tamales, Chimis.  We have adjusted the cumin, oregano, cayenne, and other spices to make this a fool proof seasoning for your mexican dishes.

"Hickory Seasoned Salt" 
- #GB028
5.5 oz Bottle 
This blend was especially created for those of you who do not have the luxury of grilling year around. “Try it on your favorite vegetables you will be pleasantly surprised."

"Wild Game" Marinade 
- #GB021
4.5 oz Bottle 
We finally have a sure shot blend for venison and other wild game. Try this mix on your pheasant, rabbit, and yes, even on your squirrel. Works great on domestic meats too.
Rieker's Cowboy Chili Seasoning
Rieker's Fiesta Grande Seasoning
Rieker's Pork and Poultry Blends
"Fish & Seafood" Sprinkle 
- #GB011
4.8 oz Bottle  
This succulent blend can be rubbed into your fish, seafood, or chicken just before you prepare it or sprinkled on at the table.

"Hog & Hen" Rub 
 - #GB012
6.5 oz Bottle
This ultimate seasoning is just what you have been looking for. It will make your pork or poultry dinner special. Shake or rub this mixture on before cooking and mom will think you stole her recipe. (Maybe you did).

"Sassy Wing" Seasoning
6.5 oz Bottle -#GB012
Spicy Hot Wings are the #1 appetizer in America. Our superb blend of spices makes your wings 2nd to none. “Try a little of this on Corn on the Cob” Yeeoowzer! 

SURF - PORK & POULTRY Seasonings
Fish & Seafood Sprinkle, Hog & Hen Seasoning
Rieker's Meat Seasonings
"I Hate Meatloaf" 
- #GB005
4.8 oz Bottle 
Mix this sensational seasoning with your ground beef or a combination of 1/3 beef, 1/3 veal, 1/3 pork for one of the finest meatloaves you have ever tasted. 

"Bacon Burger Blast"
4.0 oz Bottle 
$ 6.99
This is a Great Creation of blended spices. As alot of you know, the Bacon Cheese Burger is the #1 selling sandwich in America.  Problably the world. So we are very proud of this product. Just add a couple of teaspoon's of this blend to a lb. of burger and mix it in before you make your patty's. Then grill, broil, fry the Bacon flavor right into your burger. If you like a little more bacon flavor just shake some on top before you dress your burger.
Rieker's Bacon Burger Blast
I Hate Meatloaf, Bacon Burger Blast
Rieker's BBQ Seasonings
Classic Grill, Rib & Brisket BBQ Rub, Top Secret 
Rieker's Rib and Brisket BBQ Rub
"Dakota Steak & Chop Rub" 
- #GB007
4.5 oz Bottle 
This delightful seasoning does well on steaks, chops or burgers. Just rub it into the surface of the meat, or sprinkle on top after cooking for a lighter seasoning.

"Prime Rib & Steak Rub" 
- #GB006
6.5 oz Bottle 
Rub this fantastic seasoning on your prime rib, steaks or roasts the night before, wrap in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. For stronger seasoning, re-season just prior to cooking.

Rieker's Steak, Prime Rib, and Chops Seasonings
Dakota Steak & Chop Rib, Prime Rib & Steak Rub
Awesome Au Jus Mix, Magic Dust Season-All, No Kisses Tonight, Spud Sensation
"Awesome Au Jus" Mix 
6.5 oz Bottle 
This gourmet mix will add that little extra special touch to your prime rib au jus. It also works well with French dip or roast pork sandwiches. Try some in your soups, stews and gravies.

"Magic Dust" Season-All 
6.0 oz Bottle 
Award Winning!
This premier blend of spices and herbs can be used on just about anything that's edible. It will add a spark to all meats, domestic or wild, fish, poultry and lamb. Try a pinch or two on your eggs and vegetables.

"No Kisses Tonight" 
4.3 oz Bottle 
Shake this garlic blend on your chops, steaks, seafood, fish or chicken before or after cooking. Try some on your favorite garlic bread recipe.

"Spud Sensation" 
6.0 oz Bottle 
A sprinkle of this precious blend will really jazz up those French fries, popcorn, cooked meats and vegetables. Try a little dash on that drab old baked potato and fried potatoes.

"Eight Bean Soup Mix"
 - #GB008
12.9 oz Bag
This colorful blend of eight (8) different lentils makes it unique. Never before have these varieties been blended together. Along with our special seasoning packet this truly will be one of the finest, if not the finest Ham and Bean soup you have ever tasted. “May the wind blow freely”.

"Mean Bean Seasoning" 
- #GB004
5.25 oz
Now there is a way to have Baked Beans “instantly”. Just follow the instructions on the label of this spectacular blend. “Also works wonderful as a Ham Glaze.  It will make anyone say “OINK!!”

"Sausage Supreme 
Gravy Mix" 
- #GB016
6.0 oz Bag
Whether you are from the north or the south, the one thing that we can agree on is good biscuits and gravy: Use your favorite sausage in this recipe and you'll be in heaven.

"Top Secret BBQ" Seasoning 
- #GB018
6.0 oz Bottle 
Rub a generous amount of this tremendous blend on chicken, chops, seafood, steaks and other foods that you like to have that sweet BBQ flavor. For one "mean" sloppy joe add this seasoning and tomato puree to a pound of browned ground beef.

"Rib & Brisket BBQ" Rub 
- #GB024
6.5 oz Bottle 
This fantastic blend not only works on Ribs & Brisket it will do well on all of your finger licking BBQ's. Try it on Chicken, Fish, Pork, "Yes even veggies"

"Classic Grill" Seasoning 
- #GB009
7.0 oz Bottle 
This great blend is the cat's meow for those who want that great outdoor grilled flavor without the elements of Mother Nature. Just sprinkle or rub on your steaks, chops, chicken or burgers just before you fry 

Riekers Eight Bean Soup Mix
Riekers Sassy Wing Seasoning
Rieker's Mean Bean Seasoning
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